Meet our Founder

Catrina Lowri , the founder of Neuroteachers, wrote and created this course.

Catrina is a neurodivergent experienced special needs co-ordinator and advisory teacher with over 23 years direct education experience. She wrote this course based upon her own lived experience and evidence based research.

The Neuroteachers Perspective

Since leaving the classroom, Catrina has dedicated herself to mission to improve neuro inclusion.

She created this online course to improve her reach. So that students can watch and rewatch her videos as many times as they like and use the written resources to help then improve outcome for the neurodivergent pupils they support.

Learn in your own time
Learn in Your Own Time

"Even though I have been teaching for over 30 years I have learnt so many hint and tips which have improved the way I support the child I had in mind' Joanne Child - Deputy Head

Written Materials Provided

"The E book is really informative and useful" J Taylor - SENCO

Created by and experienced Neurodivergent Teacher

Fantastic, relatable and understandable training. Absolutely love the delivery of the training.... every person who is lucky enough to work with children or have their own children should go on this course. It's amazing!" Dani Smith